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Founded in 2018, PISE is a Youth Initiative that bridges the opportunity gap in Vietnam by enhancing leadership capacity among disadvantaged youths who are passionate about making a difference in their home regions and Vietnam.

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Our Approach

We strive to create equal opportunities for Vietnamese students by tackling inequality from its roots.

Our Model

Through six years of trial and error with various training models, we've crafted a highly effective project-based focus.

Our Impact: Community Level

In 2023, our mentees launched 13 impactful projects across Vietnam, with an impressive 11 still making a positive difference in communities today.

Our Impact: Personal Level

Our work inspires personal growth and community leadership, planting the seeds of lifelong ambition and a giving spirit within our mentees. 

Our Previous Mentors

Meet some of our Mentors in 2023

Hoang Linh Dan

University of Chicago

UWC Thailand

Ha Khanh Phuong

Georgetown University


Trinh Hai Dang

Youth Delegate, The Asian Secretariat

Tran Tieu My

Fulbright Univerity Vietnam

WWF Vietnam

Pham Quynh Trang

VinUniversity (90% scholarship)

Son Dang

Korea University

Research Assistant  SEAMH

Huyen Nguyen

Former Manager at P&G

Ha Hoang Thuy Linh

NYU Abu Dhabi (full-ride)

Mentor Recruitment of PISE 2024

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Our Impact Evaluation Report

Learn more about our Impact from 2018 - 2022 & Our Governance Structure since 2023

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