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Project Incubator for Young Social Entrepreneurs

PISE is an aspiring network that fosters leadership capabilities among Vietnamese youths in under-served areas who can make a difference in their home regions and in Vietnam.

Our vision 

Making use of the ever-growing, widespread usage of Internet and the burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit in Vietnam, we strive to become a community that navigates students of socially and geographically disadvantaged background to life-changing opportunities in Vietnam and abroad. 

Our Activities

With a group of Vietnamese students coming from different backgrounds and countries, we are meticulously creating life-changing bootcamps in Vietnam's most promising second-tier and third-tier cities.


After each bootcamp, each mentee will receive guidance to run their own social projects while participating in our mentoring program. Our end goal is to foster long-lasting, and meaningful a network where socially disadvantaged students can fall back for support and guidances from top-notch Vietnamese talents worldwide. 

PISE 2019:
Impact beyond Yourself!

Participants are assigned to incubate innovative social projects that could foster good habits in their respective communities.

June - July 2019

Incubation Stage

Mentors (grads or undergrads) and mentees (high school students) were paired up to decide on their topics and to conduct preliminary research. 

Mid July 2019

PISE Pre-Camp Day

Mentees in respective cities will run trial workshops and introduce their projects to the public on PISE Pre-Camp Day. This event will also host talks and workshops facilitated by Vietnam's top guest speakers. 

Early August 2019

PISE Camps

Mentees in each respective cities will meet up at a designated location to participate in a three-day-bootcamp. PISE will provide funding to at least nine  projects.

August - November 2019

Project Implementation

PISE expect to foresee nine out of twelve incubated projects to come into reality. We anticipate that each project can impact at least 50 people in the respective communities.


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