Our Core Values

The following values are the foundation of our strategies and implementation.


A commitment to spurring entrepreneurial spirit and community- oriented mindset among Vietnamese youths across all geographical regions of Vietnam.


A commitment to creating sustainable impacts in the under-served regions of Vietnam by facilitating youth-led social projects and/or social enterprises at a grassroots level.


A commitment to fostering empathy and understanding among students across different socioeconomic backgrounds, thus inspiring future initiatives that further bridge the inequality gap in Vietnam.


A commitment to becoming a well- established community that supports career aspiration, personal growth and upward social mobility among all PISE members.

Our Vision for 2025

Sustainable Organizational Structure

To solidify an effective and sustainable model, serving as a foundation for PISE operation and growths in multiple areas of Vietnam.

Sustainable Funding Sources

To diversify PISE funding sources, thus sustainably financing PISE operation, mentee projects & expansion.

Sustainable Talent Pipelines

To nurture an extended network of Vietnam-based talents within the PISE community, thus better identifying suitable Human Resources for future leadership & management roles.

Sustainable Innovation

To accentuate the scope of PISE Impacts by digitalization.

Enhanced Membership Benefits

To consolidate relations with a diverse group of burgeoning Partners in Vietnam, thus further extending PISE’s external influence and membership benefits.

Timeline of a PISE Season

The steps below illustrate a cycle of a PISE Season starting from January and ending in November.

Jan - April

HR Recruitment Process

PISE kickstarts its season by training the most talented first-year undergrads to co-host PISE Summer Camps.  At the same time, PISE invites highly-qualified Vietnamese students of various backgrounds to join our cohort of Mentors. 

May - Jun

Mentee Recruitment

PISE opens a two-round-application process to select the most promising high school students to join PISE Summer Camp.  Students are selected based on their credentials and the feasibility of their proposed projects. In 2019, our acceptance rate was 35%.

June - July

Project Incubation & Online Training

Mentors and Mentees are paired up to decide on their topics and to conduct preliminary research.  PISE also provides compulsory online training programs designed by PISE Executive Board and Advisors. 

Early August 

PISE Camps

Mentees in each respective city will meet up at a designated location to participate in a three-day-bootcamp. PISE will provide funding to at least nine social projects.

August - November 

Project Implementation

PISE expects to foresee nine out of twelve incubated projects to come into reality. We anticipate that each project can impact at least 50 people in the respective communities.

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PISE Camps 2021

The year 2021 has witnessed multiple challenges naming the Covid-19 situations. However, despite all of the obstacles, PISE still managed to successfully recruit 48 passionate mentees and 12 experienced mentors to carry on our passion: incubating social projects to create innovative impacts in 2 cities: Can Tho and Vung Tau.

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PISE Camps 2020

We will continue to host our bootcamps at our traditional Southern hubs of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Dong Thap, and Can Tho. This year, PISE is actively recruiting 60 highly-talented Mentees, who can deliver innovative changes across all regions of Vietnam.

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PISE Camps 2019

In 2019, we hosted PISE Camps in three cities that are located in three under-served regions of Southern Vietnam. Learn more about how we facilitated life-changing experiences to 51 mentees and brought 9 out of 12 social projects into reality.

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PISE Camp 2018

In 2018, we hosted the first PISE Camp in Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province. Learn more about how we facilitated life-changing experiences to 15 mentees and tallied 5 project proposals.

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