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Meet the up-and-running projects that were incubated in PISE 2021 Can Tho City.

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Đơn sắc

The project helps raise awareness about LGBTQ+ communities & seeks to eliminate gender stereotypes & differential treatments against LGBTQ+ communities.

Location: Can Tho City, Vietnam

Ươm mầm

The project helps raise awareness about bullying & school violence among students in Cantho City.

Location: Can Tho City, Vietnam


The project aims to  raise awareness about financial difficulties among marginalized elders in Canto City.

Location: Can Tho City, Vietnam

Mentors in Can Tho 2021

Tien Mai

Babson College (USA)

Tien is currently a Product Manager Intern at Shopee, Singapore. She is passionate about self-discovery and self-improvement; she also wishes to bring equal opportunity to all citizens, whether in Vietnam or the world. This is why she founded She codes, pioneering in hackathon exclusively for women in Vietnam. Joining PISE this year, she hopes to support young mentees to have a better understanding of themselves through new and challenging experiences.

Home: Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
Current Location: Singapore

Ngoc Tien

Tien believes that one shouldn’t be limited by “Passion” and “Orientation”, use passion as a foundation to accumulate knowledge and skills for yourself . Therefore, she has participated in many representative positions and is the bright image of the modern Vietnamese youth at SEO Vietnam, Mastermind-Start Up 4.0 competition, Vietnam Amazing Student competition. Furthermore, she is the ASEAN Youth activist in Gender Inequality, and participated in so many forums about “Women in Renewable Energy. Joining PISE this year, she will bring a fresh breath of energy that has never been seen at PISE.

Home: Nghe An, Vietnam
Current Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hung Luu

Founder Nha Dep DaLat

Hung has a heart of dedication. He spent 10 years in the architecture industry and more than 10 years being vegetarian and advocate against animal cruelty. With his passion for design and architecture, he founded two architecture firms in Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh City. Besides his work, he also spends time on self-discovery through pristine courses about the values and meanings of life. Joining PISE this year, he hopes to train mentees on the importance of logical thinking; he believes that this is the foundation for the growth of oneself and one’s project.

Home: Da Lat, Vietnam Current Location: Da Lat, Vietnam

Thao Nguyen

Vinh University Vietnam

Thao is a life-long learner, an educator, and a mother. Education is the foundation for her to self-improve and the motivation for her project. However, feeling the inadequacy of our current education system, she founded Eflita (Education for Life Targets) to guide passion, vision, and talent to the learners that dare to learn life itself. Coming to PISE, mentor Thao wishes to bring guidance for a happier and more meaningful life while helping mentees fulfill their youthful dreams.

Home: Ha Tinh, Vietnam
Current Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Thuan Nguyen


Thuan has a burning passion for Economics. Graduating from RMIT as a Marketing major and having worked as External Vice President at RMIT Finance Club, he has proved his passion and extensive knowledge in the field. Mentor Thuận realized that educational channels on social media are not as popular as many entertainment channels. Unlike others, he saw this as an opportunity that has to be fulfilled. Becoming the founder of ‘Simple Economics’, a blog and youtube channel with more than 50,000 followers, he believes that everyone can create their own opportunity because only when there is action, there is an opportunity.

Home: Binh Thuan, Vietnam
Current Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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