PISE 2020  Board of Trustees

Meet PISE 2020 Board of Trustees

Le Hung Nguyen

Founder & Executive Advisor

Hung is a final year student at NYU Abu Dhabi. Over the past six years, Hung has been studying and working in five different countries. While in New Zealand, the first country that he settled abroad, Hung was a Youth Ambassador for UNICEF NZ in 2015. Hung started PISE in May 2018 as an opportunity to give back to his home country Vietnam. Home: Tien Giang & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Home: Tien Giang & HCMC, VN
Current Location, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Anh Dong Tra

Fundraising Advisor

After working for HP in Malaysia as a technical specialist, Dong returned to Vietnam to pursue his professional growth in a multi-national tech company. He joined PISE after his extensive involvement with YSEALI and multiple social projects in Central Vietnam. Dong is particularly skilled in fundraising for social projects, and has a great interest in social entrepreneurship.

Home: Da Nang, VN
Current Location: HCMC, VN

Phan Thi Nguyet Que

(Training Advisor)

Believing in PISE's mission of bringing the best opportunities for students of disadvantaged backgrounds, Que has been a pivotal contributor at PISE since its early days. A proud bookworm, Que was a core member of "Book and Action Project" in both her home province and in HCMC before joining PISE in 2018. Recently, she chose to take a semester off to focus on her role as a President at PISE.

Home: Dong Thap, VN Current Location: HCMC, VN

Ngoc Thang Quang M.A

Legal & Strategic Advisor

Ngoc has a passion for Vietnam's development and has an immense belief in the prospect of the country. He is working for a growing NGO in New York City after graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a Master's degree in Global Affairs. Ngoc is determined to return to Vietnam in a few years time. He graduated from Hanoi Law University in 2016 with a degree in Economic Laws. He joined PISE in 2018 as one of PISE's first mentor and its first Executive Advisor. 

Home: Ha Noi, VN
Current  Location: New York, U.S

Tu Phuoc An Khang

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