Featured Projects

Meet the up-and-running projects that were incubated in PISE 2020 Vung Tau City.

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Golden Apples

Golden Apples aims to help children with autism  better integrate into the society by changing the mindset of the broader community about autism

Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam

Rainbow Garden

The project creates English classes for socially disadvantaged students from grades 3 to 9. 

Location: Kien Giang, Vietnam

Shine Your Smile

The project creates an environment helps students from remote regions in Quang Tri i(Central Vietnam) mprove soft skills.

Location: Quang Tri, Vietnam


The project provides information from Services, Scenery, Cuisine of Vung Tau City

Location: Vung Tau City, Vietnam

The Sun

The project creates workshops that train essential soft skills for high schools in Gia Lai Province. 

Location: Gia Lai, Vietnam

Mentors in Vung Tau 2020

Huyen Nguyen 

Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok)

With her experience as one of the ten young Southeast Asian leaders in “Youth Empowerment Across ASEAN” of ASEAN Foundation, she will bring leadership lessons to guide and expose mentees to opportunities that did not exist in her time.

Home: Vung Tau, Vietnam Current Location: Vung Tau, Vietnam

Trinh Doan 

Toyo University (Japan)

With her entrepreneurial spirit, the founder of Global Leadership Incubator (based in Japan), she has returned to PISE 2020 as a mentor with the desire to cultivate young leadership talents in the countryside. With her warm heart and thoughtfulness, she is one of the greatest companions any mentees could ask for.

Home: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Current Location: Japan

Tung Nguyen

Macalester College (USA)

Pursuing Economics and Educational Studies at Macalester College, Nguyen Quang Tung has achieved admirable success as he shared his experience and insights to rural students in his Akwaaba journey and most recently, as a guest speaker for TEDxBUV. As a mentor of PISE 2020, he will bring youthful energy and creative ways of thinking to mentees.

Home: Ha Noi, Vietnam Current Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam

Thuan Nguyen

Foreign Trade University HCMC

With his vast experience in communications, enthusiasm, and youthful, creative yet meticulous working style, Thuan will definitely be a reliable, witty, and humorous companion guiding the mentees PISE 2020.

Home: Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Current Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 

Khoi Ngo

NYU Abu Dhabi (UAE/US)

As a Political Science student at New York University with a passion for academics and research, he made an impression as a serious and disciplined mentor. Nonetheless, he also has a great sense of humor and a passion to lead young mentees to success.

Home: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Current Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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2020 Executive Board

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