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PISE 2020 Guest speakers

Meet the guest speakers of PISE 2020 Season's far!

Trang Nguyen Grant

PhD Candidate at Stanford University 
CEO at Otus Consulting

Tim Nguyen

MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School
ex-BCG in Southeast Asia

Hai Lieu

MBA Candidate at  MIT Sloan School of Management
Co-Founder at Letto Coffee & Tea

Tony Duong

Senior Associate at PwC NYC
Co-Founder at Career Pass Institute

Kevin Tung Nguyen

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia
Founder at JOBHOP ASIA

Cam Do

Global Affairs Student at Yale University

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Our guest speakers in 2019

 We invited 15 high-profile guest speakers across different fields, ranging from Asia's Forbes 30 under 30, devoted government officials to Ph.D Candidates, and young startup entrepreneurs. 

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Our Board of Trustees

PISE founder and the other four founding members join forces to form PISE's first Board of Trustees. Our sole responsibility was to provide strategic advice, guidance and support to the Executive Board.

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Our Executive Board

The Executive Board comprises of six highly-talented and committed members who will act as the brain and the heart of the entire organization to make sure that everything will run smoothly and accordingly.

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Core Operation Team

Our Core Operation Team consists of the Co-host Team and the Media Team. While our Co-hosts directs the online and on-site operation of their respective Camps, the Media Team spearhead campaigns on our Social Media channels.

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