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Our guest speakers

Meet our high profile guest speakers at PISE Camp 2019!
Kevin Tung Nguyen

30 Under 30 Asia 2019 

Trang Nguyen

Ph.D Candidate at Stanford University

Ho Thai Bình

President at Overseas Alumni in Vung Tau

 Huynh Ngoc Thai Anh

Co-Founder at Google Developer Group Mekong

Le Minh Nhut

Operation Manager at Startup Vietnam Foundation

Du Nguyen

Intern at Arava International Center for Agricultural Training in Israel

Alvin Bui

Incoming PhD Student at University of Washington, Seattle

Ton Nu Tuong Vy

Author of "Beyond the Boundaries" and "Behind the Conflicts"

PISE 2019:
Impact beyond Yourself!

Participants are assigned to incubate innovative social projects that could foster good habits in their respective communities.

June - July 2019

Incubation Stage

Mentors (grads or undergrads) and mentees (high school students) were paired up to decide on their topics and to conduct preliminary research. 

Mid July 2019

PISE Pre-Camp Day

Mentees in respective cities will run trial workshops and introduce their projects to the public on PISE Pre-Camp Day. This event will also host talks and workshops facilitated by Vietnam's top guest speakers. 

Early August 2019

PISE Camps

Mentees in each respective cities will meet up at a designated location to participate in a three-day-bootcamp. PISE will provide funding to at least nine  projects.

August - November 2019

Project Implementation

PISE expect to foresee nine out of twelve incubated projects to come into reality. We anticipate that each project can impact at least 50 people in the respective communities.